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Transparent Flow Research & Training

Mach Diamonds Schlieren Imaging

Case Studies and Whitepapers

Turbulent Entrainment - PIV and PLIF can provide information on how turbulent flows interact with each other. 

Back Side Illumination Advances High-Speed Imaging- The Phantom TMX utilizes a revolutionary back side illuminated high-speed sensor that provides extreme light sensitivity for dark environments in flow imaging. 

Coughing Research - Researchers used Background Oriented Schlieren (BOS) to visualize airflow based on local refractive index variations. 

Overcoming Shot Noise Limitations with Bright Field Mode - An in-depth explanation on how Bright Field Mode helps high-speed imaging situations where the light-levels of details are difficult to see. 

High-Speed Imaging Uncovers the Invisible with Schlieren Imaging - A whitepaper which discusses how this unique imaging technique allows for the visualization of gases.

Precision Explosives Analysis with High-Speed Imaging – This whitepaper is an in-depth look into the study of combustion in an explosives setting by utilizing shadowgraphy.

Examining Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer - A case study on the observation of how heat transfers between one or more fluids. 

Deep Sea PIV - Researchers at Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute use PIV to study gelatinous deep sea creatures.

Training Courses

Explosives Engineering & Shock Waves Analysis – A Phantom Academy course that covers the methods and best practices when imaging combustion events. 

Characterization of Respiratory Droplets & Gases - A course on utilizing Background Oriented Schlieren (BOS) to image droplets and gases. 

Imaging Transparent Flows: Shadowgraphy & Schlieren - A course on understanding how to setup these imaging methods and when to use them.

Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) - A short course on PIV setup up, execution, and processing.