Introducing the VEO 610 – the newest member of our reputable VEO product family. The 610 provides the superior image performance of the VEO 1010 and 1310, at 6.75 Gpx/second throughput and at a budget friendly entry price. The VEO 610 can be upgraded to a VEO 1010 or 1310 in the future for higher frame rate capability. 

This new model is ideal for all-around high-speed motion analysis in the lab or in the field. It is well suited to work with a variety of optics - everything from microscopes to 35mm lenses. Take advantage of the VEO Canon mount for remote focus and aperture control through PCC software. The compact VEO camera design is ideal for multi-camera setups used in Digital Image Correlation and other advanced imaging techniques. 

Learn more about the new VEO 610 by visiting the product page