Available for download at www.phantomhighspeed.com/pcc

PCC 3.7 incorporates new features and improvements including:

  • Improved language support when running the software natively in Spanish, Japanese and PCC 3.7 has an all new Chinese language option. Missing translations for new features have all been incorporated.
  • The User Configuration Manager (introduced in 3.6) has been enhanced to enable/disable top menu bar items, change image processing defaults, and added ability to assign and display what is included with Group-lock adjustments. This makes PCC 3.7 even more customizable to your application.
  • Added a zoom-function to the playback bar. This is useful for Cines with a large frame count. It is now easier to find the frames of interest and set in and out points.
  • New CSR-features including the ability to set a new CSR default for Miro C321 and other cameras without a mechanical shutter. With this there is no longer a need to do cap the lens and do a CSR on boot-up when operating at full resolution.
  • For SDK users, a new SDK package is also available. The most significant update is a beta version of a new Python SDK called ‘PhPython’ for Phantom camera control and Cine file support. Documentation for the PhPython beta with sample code is included. Contact Phantom support for access to the latest SDK.


Vision Research recommends PCC 3.7 for all current Phantom camera models.